Tesla Launches A Wireless Charger For iPhones And Android Smartphones


Tesla Launches A Wireless Charger For iPhones And Android Smartphones


Despite all the rumors that reveal that Tesla is not so well financially, the truth is that the company continues to innovate and throw things “out of the segment.”

After the launch of the popular flamethrower, which also sold out quickly, Elon Musk’s company has now launched a Surfboard, but there are no longer any copies available. Tesla has now launched a new product aimed at smartphones.

This is a wireless charger, called the Tesla Wireless Charger, which can be purchased online.

Tesla is one of the most popular brands in the segment of electric vehicles. In addition, the company also has products directed to the home, as is the case of Tesla Powerwall, a revolutionary battery capable of storing energy with the ability to power a house.

In addition to Powerwall, Elon Musk’s company also has solar roofs, with features similar to those of solar panels. This project has the collaboration of the company SolarCity that produces the solar tiles, identical to the conventional tiles, but that can have unique textures, thanks to hydrographic printing techniques.

Now Tesla has introduced and already has for sale the Tesla Wireless Charger, a wireless charger for smartphones.


Tesla Wireless Charger

The Tesla Wireless Charger consists of an inductive charging base powered by a 6000mAh (22.2Wh) battery. In addition to allowing the wireless charging of devices, it is possible to charge devices via the USB interface as well.

According to the information published on Tesla’s own website, this wireless charger costs $65, which is about N.23,611.25 We should not forget that Tesla also has another Powerbank.

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