World’s First Smartphone Running Google’s New OS “Fuchsia”


World’s First Smartphone Running Google’s New OS “Fuchsia”


Google has been working for at least two years on an operating system called “Fuchsia”. The project is handled with such discretion that it seems to be just a concept. But there is more and more evidence that the platform is being developed for a daring mission. According to the latest reports, recently a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer has just launched the world’s first smartphone running Google’s new OS. But there is more and more evidence that the platform is being developed for a daring mission: completely replace Android and thus rid the tech giant Google of Linux and Java.

The first information about Fuchsia came in 2016 when the tech giant Google started sending project codes to GitHub. In 2017, the first images of the project were revealed and showed previous Armadillo, the interface of the system. It made evident one of the main features of Fuchsia: to be compatible with different sizes of screens.

However, according to the latest reports, from what was presented in the forum of this new OS of the tech giant Google, there is already a smartphone manufacturer who wants to test it and not only that even it has prepared a smartphone as well to test the Fuchsia OS successfully. Yes, I am talking about the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei who already had Fuchsia running in an Honor Play smartphone.

Although there is already some information about Fuchsia, the next operating system of the tech giant Google, but, we still do not know what the tech giant Google wants to do with this new OS. As the tech giant Google has developed this OS slowly but with all the necessary features and functions.

Moreover, this new operating system still does not have a definite space, but it is expected to soon replace the most used mobile operating system of the tech giant Google, of course, Android and even Chrome OS as well, hence, it is creating a unified alternative of the tech giant Google.

With this uncertainty which many consider natural even at the time of development, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei took this operating systemand was testing it on one of its devices, probably to evaluate its use in the future.

From what was published in the Fuchsia forums, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei already had this system working on an Honor Play smartphone, giving focus to the possibility of using it on its Kirin 970 processor and all devices that use this SoC from Huawei.

To do this, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei created code specific to the Fuchsia kernel, “Zircon“, which later added to the source code that the tech giant Google is generating and managing, integrating it into the version being developed. Moreover, this operating system should soon be the target of greater attention from the tech giant Google, which may present it for new devices.

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