Best 10 Online PDF To WordText Converter

Best 10 Online PDF To Word Text Converter


Tonight i am sharing some of the best online PDF to Word Text converter that will convert your PDF files in Word document in no-time.

Talking about the best means to share documents, the PDF (Portable Document Format) stands out from the crowd, the PDF is one of the best and secure way to share the document. The reason why PDF files were more priority is that the data inside it can’t be manipulated. Since PDF is one of the most secure formats which can’t be manipulated, the file format is widely used by business personal all over the world. Usually, we can’t edit PDF files without any third party app.

When it comes to editing, PDF does have some limitation and users always convert the PDFs to Word Text Document in order to edit the document. Fortunately for us all there are various websites and tools available on the internet which can convert PDF to Word.

1. Small PDF

Small PDF is one of the best online PDF to Word converter available out there which provides users to lots of converting option. The site can deal with all pdf-related problems and it provides users with 16 different tools. PDF tools include pdf converter, pdf splitter, pdf unlocker, etc. The site claims that the files which you upload on the website get deleted automatically.

2. Zamzar

Just like Small PDF, Zamzar is another powerful tool that allows users to convert PDF to word file. The best thing is that the site offers over 1200 different conversion. Not just PDF, Zamzar also offers video converting, audio converting, ebook converting features. The interface of Zamzar is also very clean and users just need to upload the PDF file and then select the option ‘PDF to Word’ to convert the document into the Word document.


Pdf2doc is by far the best online PDF to Word converter that you can use today. The great thing about Pdf2doc is that it allows users to upload multiple files at once. Not just that, but Pdf2doc can also convert multiple files at once. The interface of the site is pretty good and the site is entirely free. Apart from that, the site automatically compresses the output file in zip format. So, Pdf2doc is another best online pdf to word converter that you can use today.

4. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is one of the best sites which offers PDF to Word converter. The great thing about Online2PDF is its interface. The interface of Online2PDF is very clean and users just need to upload the PDF file and then choose the format. Apart from that, Online2PDF also got tools for merging pdf files, extracting pdf pages, rotate pdf files, compress pdf, etc.

5. ILovePDF


If you are searching for an easy to use and a hassle-free online tool to get your PDF file converted in the word document, then ILovePDF might be the best choice for you. The great thing about ILovePDF is that it offers users plenty of online tools that can convert PDF files into docs, merge PDF files, split pdf files, crack pdf files, etc. Not just that, but you can also sign up with ILovePDF to integrate your Google Drive and Dropbox account.

6. Foxy Utils

Foxy Utils is one of the fastest online PDF to Word converter which you can use today. Guess what? the web-based tool can instantly convert your PDF files into Word. Another best thing about Foxy Utils is its ability to convert multiple files at once. So, you can batch upload PDF files and the web-based tools can convert them into Word document in no time. However, you need to sign up to use Foxy Utils free services.

7. PDF Candy

With PDF Candy, you can choose PDF files from Dropbox and Google Drive. However, like Foxy Utils, PDF Candy misses the option to process batch files and users also need to sing up to the PDF Candy in order to convert the PDF into doc formats. Talking about the positive sides, PDF Candy can save the converted files directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Apart from all of these, the tool manages to retain the formatting even if you convert heavily edited documents. So, without any doubt, PDF Candy is another best online PDF to Word converter 2018 which you can use.

8. Alto PDF

If you are looking for an easy to use PDF to word converter, then Alto PDF might be the best pick for you. Alto PDF is known for its interface and lossless conversion. Apart from all of these, the online tool also integrates Google Drive and Dropbox. So, you can now select files stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox account at ease. According to Alto PDF, the uploaded files get deleted once users close the site.

9. Hipdf

Hipdf is another best web-based tool that allows users to convert, edit, merge, split and encrypt their PDF files. The best thing about Hipdf is that it’s completely free and the site doesn’t even show any ads. According to the Hipdf, the uploaded files get deleted from the server within one hour of uploading. The online PDF converter is capable enough to convert PDF files into different formats like TXT, Doc, PPT, Excel, etc.

10. OnlineOCR

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Usually, online OCR tools can convert PDF files into doc format and the same things go for OnlineOCR. OnlineOCR is by far the best web tool which you can use to convert your PDF files into the word document. Users just need to upload their PDF file and then select the output format as ‘Docx’ to convert the file. It’s basically a free service, but you can only convert 15 files per hour.

I hope you find this article very useful, simply drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your friends. And if you have more interesting topics then please don’t hesitate to share with us.

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