Watch Movies For FREE On YouTube

Watch Movies For FREE On YouTube


Tech giant “Google” and its well-known giant video platform “YouTube” has started about a month ago to offer movies on its video streaming platform. This actually seem so cool and awesome but for now this new feature is available with a selection of a few feature films and also only in some countries. However, the good thing about this all-new and extraordinary feature is that soon YouTube will extend this feature to other countries as well.

In countries where this feature is available, you can already see the popular movies like Rocky, Terminator, Legally Blonde, Pink Panther, All Dogs Go To Heaven and much more in the list of 100 movies.

According to the tech giant Google’s well-known giant video streaming platform, they said it’s a great ‘opportunity for viewers and advertisers’. Its also announced that this new catalog will grow soon.

Basically, the tech giant Google launched this all-new YouTube feature simply to beat all its rivals and catch all there users. And not only that with this new YouTube feature we can soon enjoy an awesome catalog of free movies on YouTube, without ads like shown on television, and as in the rest of the contents of the Google video platform. What do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


To watch free movies simply click HERE to watch free movies.

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