Update: Give Up iPhone And Use Android “Mark Zuckerberg”

Give Up iPhone And Use Android: Mark Zuckerberg


According to a well-known media source, of course “The New York Times” the social network giant Facebook’s co-founder “Mark Zuckerberg” ordered his employees to give up iPhone and use Android smartphone only.

The tech giant Google’s Android mobile operating system has a huge number of users worldwide than its rival iOS of the tech giant Apple. But this is not the actual reason for this order, as the reason is the tech giant Apple’s CEO, of course, Tim Cook criticized the social network giant Facebook in an interview with MSNBC for being a service that deals with “personal life”.

The CEO of the social network giant Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” responded that “I think it’s important that we do not all get the syndrome of Stockholm and companies that work hard accuse you more simply worry more about you Because that seems ridiculous to me.”

Moreover, the CEO of the social network giant Facebook also said that he believes the tech giant Apple simply makes devices that only wealthy people can afford.

While the comments between both leaders, of course, the CEO of the social network giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the CEO of the tech giant Apple, Tim Cook are beyond a simple fight, hence, resulting in a rivalry that fans of one brand and another could take this situation as their own which may make the situation more critical or worst.

While if we talk about the tech giant Apple, then let me clarify that in market we all know very well that it is a brand, of course, the tech giant Apple that has managed to position itself in its audience through its heart, this makes use of similar philosophies between its users and product, hence, the Cupertino Giant, Apple has been able to do it perfectly.

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