Start Your Own ISP: How To Become An Internet Provider

Start Your Own ISP: How To Become An Internet Provider


With the rate of internet users everyday which are incredibly increasing each day, starting your own internet providing service could be the best option. In this post i am going to share a few crucial points that will help you to set up your own internet providing service to make the profit.

If we look around, we will find that we all are somehow attached to the internet. We use the internet on our personal computer, smartphones, Smart TVs, etc. In fact, we are living in an era where having an internet connection is considered as important as wearing clothes.

Now comes in the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Well, Internet Service Providers usually have a massive customer base they can tap into. By considering the fact that not everyone could live without an internet, starting an internet providing service seems more demandable business in 2018.

1. Find An Expert

Well, this is the first best thing which you could do to get your service up and running. You need to find an expert. The expert could be your friend, colleague, dad, uncle, etc. You need to take help of some expert to get the clear picture. Having an expert will help you to gather more knowledge in this particular section in less time. Nevertheless, having an expert help will always give you an extra edge and will make the further process much easier. You can discuss strategies, what are the things needed, where to get legal help with your expert.

2. Organize your Finances

Well, the next thing which you can do to strengthen the further process of setting up your own ISP in your town is to organize your finances. The biggest challenge to start an internet providing service or ISP in India is to arrange the initial capital that will be needed for the licensing & components. So, make sure to organize your finances well before diving into the venture.

3. Technical Factors


Well, after the licensing and cost management, now comes the most important – Technical factors. Under the technical part, you need to spend the majority of your capital. So, if the above two things go well, you need to look at the components which are needed to run your business.


You will need components which will enable people to connect to the internet. You will need to think and plan about whether you will offer WiFi, Ethernet, Fiber Optic cables to offer internet access. The list of components doesn’t end here as you will also need to invest in servers, routers, power generators, power backups, etc.

So, in short, setting up an ISP is not an easy process and it can be expensive too. However, it’s not at all impossible if you have plan it well. For different types of components, you can visit this this guide for RS Components.

4. Marketing

Next comes the most important part – Marketing. This is the final step to reach the potential customers who will be using your service. These are the customers who will give you the real profit. So, the recovery of the investment which you have made so far and the profits will depend upon your marketing strategies.

You need to promote your internet providing service as much as possible. You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even plan SEO strategies to bring in more potential customers. You just need to hone your skills on digital marketing techniques to bring in customer, or you can also hire a digital marketing expert to do the marketing part on your behalf. This steps above are what you need to do to start your own internet providing service. As i have said, starting up an ISP is not an easy task, but it can be very rewarding if you get things right.  The profit and loss depends on the you.

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