Tip: How to Screenshot An Entire WebPage (Long and Scrolling)


How to screenshot an entire webpage (Long and Scrolling)



Today we shall discuss how to take screenshots of an entire web-page but before we proceed we have to explain that taking a screenshot with the default print screen feature of Windows or with a 3rd party program is pretty easy.
NOTE: This method is not as complicated as it sounds, gently go through the post to know more.

But what if you need to screenshot an entire web-page?

This is where things get tougher. At first, it might look like your only option is to take multiple screenshots and then “stitch” them together with an image editor.

However, what if I told you that there are other, much more ​feasible ways of screenshotting a web-page? Let’s have a look at them.


1. Use the Print Feature of Chrome



Most of the internet browsers that you can find online have a built-in tool in it which is called print”. You can use that to take a screenshot of the whole webpage that you’re currently looking.

Have it in your mind that there are two significant downsides to printing a web-page:

1. A print does not get stored in a traditional image format but PDF.

2. The format of the webpage often gets messed up when printing. It’s very likely that images will be missing and that the webpage will have a slightly strange look to it.


If you don’t get bothered with the print option then the chances are that you’ll be pleased with using the “print” feature. As I mentioned above, that’s not precisely a screenshot. But it usually gets the job done if you only need to read the text of the web-page offline.


2. Use Browser Plugins

It is an effortless and effective way to screenshot an entire webpage. The installation and setup of Chrome plugins don’t usually take more than a few seconds.

Two of the most widely used plugins for web page screenshotting are Fireshot and Nimbus. Again, I’m only using Chrome at the moment.

I’m not sure if plugins like these are available for other browsers like Firefox or Edge, but I imagine that there will be.

In case that you can’t find such plugins for the browser of your choice, then there’s no need to worry. I’ll also mention some 3rd party apps that are available for all Windows users later on.

3. Fireshot (for Chrome)

Fireshot is one of the most widely used screenshot plugin that I could find. It currently counts 2 million people using it and an average rating of 5/5 out of its 20.000 ratings.

It works in a straightforward manner. All you have to do is click on it and select if you want to screenshot the entire webpage, a part of it, or choose for yourself what to capture.



Fireshot is free to use, but it also offers a premium version for about 40 euros in my country. That’s about 50 USA dollars, but prices may vary in different countries due to taxes.

The premium version offers an advanced editor, capturing features, Email support, and more.

4. FireFox Screenshot

​Unlike Chrome, Fire​fox browser doesn’t need any third party addon. The recent release, Quantum includes screenshot taking feature.

Just click on three dots in the URL / Search bar and click on “Take a Screenshot”.

You will get two choices whether to capture visible area or complete webpage.



The feature is currently in beta but works perfectly. You can not only take screenshots but it can be automatically saved to Firefox cloud for quick sharing. Complete screenshot capturing and saving feature without leaving browser.


5. Nimbus (for Chrome)



Nimbus works more or less in the same way that Fireshot does with the big exception that it can also act as a screen recorder. Pretty useful.

After a quick scroll on their website, I didn’t find a premium version of it.  So, I assume that it’s entirely free for use.

Get Nimbus on Chrome Store


6. Use 3rd Party Software

Programs that you can install on your system have one significant advantage over browser plugins; they are available for all Windows and Mac computers.

It doesn’t matter what browser you use. These programs are available for everyone – almost. I didn’t find any of these programs for Linux. Although, I’m sure that if you dig deep enough, you’ll find something.

If not, you can always go back to using browser plugins. These work regardless of your OS. All you need is the appropriate browser.

Back to 3rd party software. Some of the most widely used/ popular programs which I found are Snagit and Greenshot.

They both work more or less in the same way that the browser plugins as mentioned above do. Snagit also works as a screen recorder, but it asks for money after the two-week trial. Greenshot is entirely free to use but only acts as a screenshot tool.

One more interesting tool that I found is Web-Capture. As the name implies, it doesn’t require installation. You can use it online.

So the above post is about How to Screenshot An Entire WebPage (Long and Scrolling), i hope you fins the post very useful. Simply drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your friends. Cheers!

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