How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery 2018


How To Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery 2018


I and the team came up with a trick to hide Whatsapp Images & Videos from our Phone Gallery. NOTE: This trick doesn’t need any third-party app to be installed in your phone. The hidden feature is present in your Phone’s default file manager only.

WhatsApp is the most traditional messaging appin the world now, it is now holding a billion users that transfers and receives messages, images, videos, and locations etc. In Addition, users can chat individually or in groups too, but sometimes you receive some of the content in your WhatsApp groups etc whichever you don’t aspire to offer with anyone but several media’s appears in the Gallery.

Through the Gallery, you can show your camera picture, videos and received images from Bluetooth etc. WhatsApp media is also listed in your Android Gallery automatically. So if you don’t want to include any of your WhatsApp content in your Phone’s default Gallery, simply read the below method to proceed.


Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery


When you are connected to the wifi network, some of your WhatsApp content gets auto-downloaded which you may not want to download and these media appears directly in your Phone’s gallery which sometimes gives the bad consequence of yours on the person who may examine your gallery. So to dodge this, simply understand the method to disappear WhatsApp content from a gallery. Simply follow the step below

Step 1. First of all open File Explorer of your device.



Step 2. Now navigate to Whatsapp folder in the file manager. Now open the folder named Media there. Now there you will see all the folder of your WhatsApp content including WhatsApp images and WhatsApp videos.



Step 3. Now rename the folder Whatsapp images to “.Whatsapp” images (without quotation marks)  if you want to hide WhatsApp images from the gallery.



Step 4. Rename Whatsapp Videos to”.Whatsapp Videos” (without quotation marks) if you want to hide WhatsApp video files from your gallery.



Step 5. Now open settings-> Apps manager and there you will find the gallery in the All section, click on it.



Step 6. Now scroll little down and click on a clear cache.


After these steps, open your gallery immediately and you will notice that the WhatsApp content will not be displayed there.

2. Using ES File Explorer

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and Install Es File explorer on your Android device.

Step 2. Now you need to go to “Internal Storage” click on it.



Step 3. Now there you need to find the folder “WhatsApp”



Step 4. Now you will find two folders “Databases” and “Media” simply click on Media



Step 5. Now select your desired media folder and long press the folder  and click on “Hide”. Now you will no more see it in the Gallery.



If you want to bring it back move to Es file explorer’s homepage and from the left-hand side menu select the option “Show Hidden Files” and enable it. Restart your phone and you will get to see all your hidden files again!


So the above is all about Hide Whatsapp Images & Videos From Gallery. By this, you can efficiently secure your privacy and avoid many embarrassing situations. And also, you can rename that folder back to original names too if you want to display them back in the gallery. Hope you like the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related queries.

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