Top Best 20 Websites To Learn Linux Online in 2018


Top Best 20 Websites To Learn Linux Online in 2018



Thinking about learning how to use Linux? Here it is, the top 10 best websites to learn Linux. Firstly, you have to make sure you have access to a terminal but luckily for you we have loads of options for you here.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system just like Windows and the Mac OS. Linux has been in existence for quite a while now and has since reached a user base that spans industries and continents.

Top Best 20 Websites To Learn Linux Online 2018

Linux is completely free, and there are many good distros out there. Some I would recommend to include Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. If you take this approach, then there are few ways you can go.

  • If you have a spare machine, then you can just install it on that.
  • You can create a dual boot system (i.e. both Windows and Linux are installed on the computer, you choose which is to run when you boot up). Most modern Linux distros will handle creating this for you when you install it (resizing existing windows partitions as well). Do backup any important files before doing this method, though.

Best Websites To Learn Linux Online:

1. Linux programming


This can be your starting point for learning how to develop Linux programs and administer Linux Systems. It also has a detailed explanation for some of the faqs like why is Linux important, the difference between Linux and Unix, etc.

2. Norm Matloff’s Unix and Linux Tutorial Centre

Norm Matloff, a professor of computer science, wrote a variety of free Linux and UNIX tutorials for independent study. In addition to presentations providing guidance for complete beginners, he included more excellent information.

3. The complete beginner’s guide to Linux


Linux is everywhere. It’s on your phone, on your Roku devices. It runs most of the Internet, the supercomputers making the scientific breakthrough, and the world’s stock exchanges. But before Linux became the platform to run desktops, servers, and embedded systems across the globe, it was (and still is) worry-free operating systems available.

4. Linux Security for Beginners


This free course from Linuxtopia helps beginners navigate Linux security. It explores everything firewalls, wireless security, and more. An excellent resource for anyone interested in learning how to use Linux safely and securely.

5. Linux Basic Concepts

Some more additional tutorials to teach the basics are available here. So go to the website and just grab the cool tutorials that we help you a lot.

6. nixCraft


It is one of the oldest Linux blogs which was created way back in May 2002. The website has lots of articles on all kind of Linux stuffs like basic things, command tips, backup tools, Linux package installation and lot more.

7. Edx



Edx aim is to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. It was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere.

8. ArchWiki



Well, Linux is free, and you never have to pay for it. Not for learning either. It doesn’t matter which distro you are using ArchWiki has everything like Text editors, packages managers, desktop environment, boot, config and lots more.

9. Tutorials Daddy



Tutorials Daddy provides one point solution for all the training requirements for all the niche embedded technologies for the individual learner as well as the organization. It had a strong team of professionals who got significant experience in Linux Kernel, Linux Drivers, Embedded Linux, Marketing, Sales, Web Development.

10. Linoxide



It was previously known as ExpertsLogin. The website was another old Linux blog which was created on 2006. It doesn’t offer courses. However, provides you tutorials related to latest Linux stuff and other Open-source related articles.

11. Compute Freely



Compute freely is the friendly place to start for the Free & Open source software and Linux curious. If you have zero knowledge regarding Linux, then you can visit this site because Cupute freely explains why you should start using Linux and also describes popular Linux distros.

12. Linux NewBie Guide



Well, the name of the website speaks it all. This is another website for beginners. This is a simplistic website which makes it easy to obtain knowledge about Linux. This website has tutorials on how to get started on several Linux distros and how to use them.

13. Make Use Of Guide



If you are looking for a one-page summary, which covers almost every part of Linux then this guide is for you. This Guide speaks about basic terminology and explains how to get started with Linux. You can download this guide in PDF format to read it offline.

14. Geek University




This website offers courses on a various tech-related field. It also has a several Linux category where you can find how to choose the best distro and how to get started with it. This website also has tutorials on how to install apps on Linux and manage permissions.

15. FT Academy



The Free Technology Academy aims to establish a full educational program on Free Software and Open Standards. This site offers various courses on Linux. You can choose from two courses, basic and advance or you can take both.

16. is another best website which you can use to learn more than 120 programming languages. The best part about is each and every programming language is organized in categories. However, if you need to learn about Linux, then you need to select the option “Learn Linux System Administration”

17. Linux Command



If you want to learn about Linux, then you should know that the most daunting aspect of Linux tends to be the command line. With Linux Command website, you can get familiar and comfortable with the terminal. The website is immensely helpful and you will learn lots about Linux terminal.

18. Linux Foundation



If you want to get serious with Linux, you should learn about Linux first and Linux Foundation training section is enough to help you out. In Linux foundation’s training section you will find some free videos which will help you learn a lot about Linux and its security.

19. The Geek Stuff



Well, this is another best website which you can visit if you want to learn Linux. The site was started way back in May 2008 and it covers almost every top of the line Linux tutorials. The founders of the blog write about Linux tutorials and how you can use it for security purposes.

20. Unixmen


This is another best website which you can visit if you want to learn everything about Linux. The site was started way back in January 2009 and it’s completely dedicated to Linux & open source products. So, this is another best website which you can visit if you want to learn Linux online. The above post is about the Top 20 Best Websites To Learn Linux Online. Browse out these websites and grab out the tutorials that will help you to learn Linux easily. I hope you find this article very useful, simple drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with friends. Cheers!

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